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Be part of a new and refreshing company were you are the expert

Why Come Work for Us?

Are you this kind of person who loves story telling? Are you great with people and don't want to work the "Dolly Parton" 9 to 5. Are you an independent mind who loves to be part of a new “Movement” in the world of Guiding? Also are you looking for some great extra experience next to your already successful life? YES, then Best Antwerp Tours is made for you!

We offer....

Freelance Opportunities

Are you a Antwerp Professional, do you have the knowledge and the story-telling capabilities that makes a tour come to life then we are ready to hire you on a freelance contract.

Meet international people

Most of our travellers are from all over the world and speak English and are from different walks of life. We have individual Asian travels, American Cruise Liners and British bus companies, you name it and you will meet them at Best Antwerp tours.

Own your own tour

Best Antwerp Walking Tours doesn't use set itineraries so you can own your own tour. You are our expert guide.

Growth Opportunity

We are a growing company and want to give our guides the opportunity to grow with us. Are you in for the ride?

Meet new Friends

More and more guides will join us, so you have a great opportunity to meet new new friends.

Great Compensation

You run the tour, you make the money. It is as simple as that!

Does that sound good to you? Drop us a line!