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The Jewish community in Antwerp, Belgium, is estimated to be one of the largest in Europe, with a population ranging from 20,000 to 25,000 individuals. This Private Antwerp Walking Tour of the Jewish District is all about the Antwerp Jewish community. Embark on a captivating 2,5 hour guided tour of Antwerp's Jewish district. Explore the historical landmarks, immerse yourself in the vibrant Jewish culture, and enjoy an optional visit of the beautifully adorned synagogue hosted by a knowledgeable guide from the local Jewish community. Afterwards you can, if you wish, indulge in a delicious Kosher Lunch at a traditional restaurant, where you'll have the opportunity to learn more about the significance of food laws and experience the rich culinary traditions of the Jewish community. The whole experience including Lunch takes about 4 hours.

Price Chart

*A Kosher lunch at a renowned Jewish restaurant is an additional € 55 per person on top of the tour price stated below.* Lunch will take about 2 hours extra .

from 2 Hours Tour
From €189/total
  • Add on Synagogue Visit: €99 per group
  • Add on Kosher Lunch: €55 euro p.p
2 Hour Tour
€45 per person
  • Semi Private Group
  • Not more than 10 people
"Rough Diamonds" on Netflix

This Tour is all about the history and everyday life of the local Orthodox Jewish Community which is mainly located around Antwerp's Diamond District. Many places can be seen in the recent Netflix series "Rough Diamonds", which was filmed on location in Antwerp.

Expert Guide

Join our private guided walking tour led by an expert guide. Explore the synagogue with a local from the Jewish community. As an option, our expert guide can accompany you, guiding you to the restaurant where you'll delight in your lunch.

Optional Synagogue Visit

Joining this special tour which grants you access to one of our local synagogues. A knowledgeable member of the community will be on hand to warmly welcome you and address any questions you may have. This exclusive opportunity provides a unique glimpse into a place typically not open to the public. (99€ extra per group)

Optional Lunch

You can add a Kosher lunch for an extra €55 per person. It's a 2-course meal with a soft drink, introducing you to Jewish cuisine and food laws. The lunch is held at a well-known local Jewish restaurant.

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"It was fantastic! There is so much more to discover with a local guide. Never ever had such a great guide!! I would recommand this company to everyone, thanks again!"
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Marja Van Bemmelen
"A true *****-star experience!"
Christelle Glaise
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